Bonjour !

My name is Louis Falissard and I am an associate professor of computer science at Université Paris 8 in the PASTIS research team of the LIASD laboratory.

I try to focus my research on Machine Learning, and more specifically on deep learning methods and their applications, typically (but not exclusively) in Natural Language Processing, and I try to distribute my research time equally between practical applications, and more fundamental work. 

Right now, my more fundamental work mainly focuses on extension and improvements on the idea of learning neural network simplexes. I think it is a really fun idea that does not yet have the attention it deserves, and lots of amusing things can be done with it.

When it comes to applications, as mentioned I am mostly focused on Natural Language processing right now. However, I have a background in health sciences (with a focus on epidemiology) which I would like to get back to, and I would be very interested in developing deep learning methods for humanities, especially psychology or sociology, so feel free to come and have a chat with me if that is something you like as well =)